Throughout my website, there are a few terms that I frequently use. I understand that while they are part of my daily vocabulary, they mean absolutely nothing to you – though once we start working together, they will become a lot more familiar to you.

I have put together a list of definitions of some of theses key processes, to help you better understand what I am talking about!

Biochemistry = the chemical processes that happen in our cells to keep us functioning and alive.

Methylation = a biochemical process that makes new DNA and repairs existing DNA, making sure that every cell is functioning optimally. DNA must remain stable and protected as damage to DNA increases ageing and susceptibility to disease.

Inflammation = a normal immune response, critical for healing. Inflammation is switched on when the body needs to repair or heal itself. Chronic inflammatory conditions result when inflammatory processes do not switch off, once the injury is repaired or the infection is resolved. Many common lifestyle disorders are the result of chronic, low-grade inflammation – obesity, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.

Detoxification = the processes that cells use to remove toxins and harmful substances that would otherwise build up and cause damage.

Oxidative stress = in the daily process of generating energy, free radicals are produced. Free radical are imbalanced molecules and in order to regain their balance, they react with other molecules. As this process continues, damage can happen to the DNA and cells. Antioxidants neutralise or “quench” these free radicals and in this way, protect us from uncontrolled cellular damage. Oxidative stress or oxidative damage happens when the free radical activity is greater than the antioxidant ability of the cells.