There are so many different ways to approach health in a natural and holistic way. There are so many products and techniques available, that are advertised to be miracle cures.

We spend and waste so much money chasing health.

So, how does a person choose?

It can be very confusing for a consumer to know what will be best for them.

I believe that the first step is finding a practitioner that you can work with. Someone that you trust, someone who listens to you and takes your individual health needs into consideration.

You need to choose a practitioner that you are prepared to spend time with, as you take the challenging and exciting journey into health.

I have spent many, many hours exploring and studying different techniques and approaches to health. While I learn something new within each modality I study, I always come back to Nutrigenomics and Functional Medicine as my approach to chronic health issues and healthy longevity. I then use Homeopathic remedies as my go to for acute and daily health issues.

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