My Approach

You are important, your health and well being are important – I will always treat you as if you are a family member of mine.

This means that you will have my full commitment to working with you to find out what is behind your current health situation, and working out what can be done to improve your health.

Having been in practice for 20 years and having had the privilege of working with hundreds of clients, I understand that people need a practitioner who understands their unique situation and treats them as an individual.

I assist people to make realistic health improvements. My goal is optimal health, tailor-made for you.

Health and wellness is a complicated situation. It is made more difficult by a variety of circumstances – daily demands, finances and time constraints, to name a few. I work with each person to firstly identify what their health situation is, and to secondly create a plan that is doable for them, to help them regain their health.

I do use and prescribe a variety of products to help people overcome health challenges and to maintain their health – herbs, vitamins and minerals and homeopathic remedies.

What I do not do, is throw bottles and bottles of supplements at a problem. I dig in and find out what is at the root of your problem and then prescribe a specific protocol for you.

I teach clients how to make daily lifestyle changes, that will support their overall health. This gives them the knowledge and power to make informed and better decisions. These have a sustained impact on health. Health is not found in a vitamin bottle – health is commitment from yourself, to yourself, that you will treat yourself better.

The Evidence

Wherever possible, I rely on evidence-based testing and treatment.

I am committed to ongoing study and attend as many training workshops and courses as possible. The area of lifestyle medicine is evolving at a rapid rate and new research is being published everyday. I make it a priority to stay up to date with this information.

Functional testing provides a whole new way to test and understand what is going on in a person’s body. Functional testing allows me to asses the underlying causes and triggers of dysfunction within the body. Once I can identify and understand how key processes, such as regulation of hormones and neurotransmitters, the body’s ability to detoxify toxins, heavy metal exposure, etc, I can tailor make a treatment plan to optimize your health

Treat The Whole Person

We are all unique individuals, with unique genes and unique life experiences.

We are a beautiful expression of body, mind and soul.

We need to address this uniqueness when addressing your health.

Not every person needs to be gluten free or dairy free. Not every person thrives on a vegan diet. Some people need more vitamin B12 than others. We are all different and we need to understand how these differences impact our health.

Sometimes our physical symptoms are a reflection of an emotional issue, that is begging for resolution.

Whole person, lifestyle medicine allows you to be the best that you can possibly be.