Cherice Baker has been our family Homeopath for the past 16 years. She is a kind, caring and thoughtful practitioner, who always found the best ways to care for our well-being. We have had very little need in her care for the mainstream medical doctor.
Jacqui – Pilates Instructor

Our journey with Cherice started when I was in my final year of school (back in 2008) and had an atypical lung infection. We continued to see her for 12 years, through stressful varsity days, both my hyperemesis gravidarum pregnancies, natural births and then children. Her kindness and compassion towards our family over the years are ineffable. She was so much more than just our health practitioner. I was always amazed by how clued up on everything she was and how much time she put into her research. Often when we saw her she was preparing for a test, attending a course or seminar- but always just growing in knowledge. I can really say with certainty, that if you are in her hands, then you are in good hands.
Beth – Stay At Home Mum

I met Cherice one year after contracting clostridium dificile, a serious stomach bug. This disease caused me to have difficulty eating and I developed leaky gut syndrome. The various medical doctors and personnel who worked with me for over a year had no idea or interest really in solving my issues. I became very anxious and depressed.

During my first consultation with Cherice she put me at ease when she described my situation as a “Puzzle” to her and it was simply a matter of figuring out what the various “pieces” were and putting it all together to solve my issues. She did two uncomplicated and affordable medical tests with me. These were not even mentioned by the doctors that worked with me before. With the results of the tests, she worked out a plan for me and said: “ there is work to be done”

She worked with both the mind and the body during my healing process. She offered to facilitate me in doing the Heartmaths course and this improved my anxiety and stress greatly. I felt more in control of what was going on with me.

I found Cherice to be totally accessible. I was able to communicate with her whenever the need was there.

Thank you, Cherice, for your ongoing interest and support!
Candida – Pilates Instructor

Cherice, we firmly believe in what you’ve counselled and coached us through, and to be perfectly honest, I miss seeing YOU when I visit the practice. There is no one quite like you, and I am forever grateful for your guidance, advice and tremendous help!
Sandy – Travel Consultant

Cherice, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartful gratitude for all your assistance, guidance, support and products you have shared with me. It’s been a long journey to health but it was worth it and I continue to feel elevated and vibrantly healthy and I thank you for your part in helping me heal.

I thank you for supporting me because it was your guidance that sent me on this journey and that brought greater health and vibrant well-being into my life. It was you who assisted me in bringing about profound transformation and immense growth within myself, my health and my life.

This journey has taught me so much about myself and how to be compassionate towards myself and others and to connect fully with my higher self.
Celeste – Business Owner